Thursday, February 10, 2011

a great way to make giant clay vessels quickly

This project started my sophomore year when I did an internship with visting artist William Dennisuk.  William came to U of M from Finland with a background in public art, and plans to build up  to five large steel wire frame sculptures that would be installed in bodies of water around Ann Arbor.  Proposed locations were at different spots along the Huron river, and in the reflecting pond up at the engineering school on North Campus.  Three pieces were eventually installed.  Below is my presentation board for that project that was presented to the staff of the Nicholas Arboretum.  The proposal was for a series of seating pods that would go alongside the river in proximity to William's sculpture.  A initial failure in the material choice for the project ensured that the project failed to come to fruition and was never installed in the Arb.  However, that choice also left me with a sweet fucking mold that I have learned is IDEAL for making large scale coil vesals.